Degens and RLTY Unveil Degen City: An Immersive 3D Space for Community Collaboration



Degens and RLTY have partnered to create Degen City, an immersive 3D space that serves as a permanent collaboration. RLTY's immersive 3D experience platform sets the stage for this thrilling partnership. Degen City, designed for the Degens community, offers interactive features like a speaker stage, Degen bar, meeting rooms, NFT shop, and art gallery. The exclusive launch event on May 30th will have limited access for 128 attendees, but the space will be open to the public. Attendees can engage in dynamic discussions, explore the RLTY space, and enjoy surprise elements such as avatar resizing, microphone requests, global chat, and a social wall. This partnership brings together advanced technology and community engagement, providing the Degens community with an exciting virtual space.

In summary, Degens and RLTY have collaborated to create Degen City, an immersive 3D space catering to the Degens community. The exclusive launch event will allow attendees to engage in discussions, explore the interactive features, and experience surprise elements. This partnership offers a unique virtual environment that combines advanced technology with community engagement.

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