Revolutionizing Virtual Interactions: GoodGang Labs' NFT-powered Avatar Communication



Singapore's start-up GoodGang Labs has secured $2 million in seed funding from Kakao Investment, a subsidiary of South Korean tech giant Kakao. GoodGang Labs is developing Kiki Town, an immersive platform where users can interact through animated avatars. The funding will be used to enhance Kiki Town and expand into the business-to-business market by offering a software-as-a-service API. Kiki Town sets itself apart by transmitting only voice and avatar motion data, making it a lean and efficient platform.

GoodGang Labs is also working on GangHouse for Web3, allowing real-time conversations using NFTs to reshape communication within the NFT ecosystem. The CEO envisions a world where technology fosters deeper human connections and enables individuals to freely express themselves. GoodGang Labs gained traction with its BeerGang NFT collection, which sold out on LINE's NFT marketplace. With their innovative offerings and strong funding, GoodGang Labs aims to lead the field of avatar communications.

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