HeyMint: Zeneca and Curious Addys Join Forces to Revolutionize NFT Creation and Sales for Artists



HeyMint is a beginner NFT platform created by Curious Addys and Zeneca. The platform aims to assist artists in minting their creative assets, implementing royalties on the blockchain, and selling their NFTs. It is designed to be accessible and affordable for creators who are new to Web3. HeyMint currently supports Ethereum and three Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains. Creators can upload their artistic assets, select their desired blockchain, set up an allow list presale, and enforce royalties. There are no fees for listing collections, but collectors are charged $1 per mint.

The goal of HeyMint is to simplify the minting process and onboard new creators into the world of Web3. Curious Addys and Zeneca have already raised $5 million from their own NFT collections and have collaborated with brands like Universal Music Group and the World of Women NFT collection. Zeneca previously founded Zen Academy, an online course aimed at introducing new NFT collectors to Web3.

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