Brave Enhances Video Calls with NFTs, Expanding Web3 Engagement



Brave, the privacy-focused web browser, has announced the addition of token-gated video calls to its platform. This feature allows hosts to control access to video calls using NFTs and POAPS, offering engagement opportunities for NFT projects to communicate with their token holders. The tool is available to Brave Talk users with a premium subscription and can be used on any browser with a Web3 wallet. Currently, the token-gated video calls are compatible only with Ethereum-based NFTs, but Brave plans to expand compatibility to other blockchain networks in the future.

Brave aims to provide additional functionalities such as avatar configuration and moderator permissions using NFTs, creating a comprehensive Web3 live event platform. The announcement comes as Brave surpasses 50 million monthly active users and continues to make advancements in the blockchain space. By integrating NFTs into its video calls, Brave demonstrates its commitment to embracing new technologies and providing innovative solutions to its users.

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