OpenAI Could Exit Europe Amid Regulatory Pressure: Reuters

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OpenAI may pull out of Europe due to pending EU AI regulations, according to CEO Sam Altman. The EU AI Act's rule requiring disclosure of copyrighted materials used in generative AI tool development is the key issue. Apple and other corporations have prohibited employees from using ChatGPT and third-party AI tools due to concerns about confidential data leaks that may be stored on third-party servers. OpenAI will attempt to comply with the rules before deciding whether to close its European operations. World leaders have been shocked by the rapid growth of ChatGPT, with several countries investigating OpenAI's practices or banning ChatGPT. The Future of Life Institute defines general-purpose AI as AI systems that developers can use for a wide range of intended and unintended purposes. In December, EU member states approved a version of the Artificial Intelligence Regulation Act, and last month policymakers called for a global summit to create principles for the development, control, and deployment of AI.

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