Ron DeSantis Tells Elon Musk Bitcoin Will Die If Joe Biden Is Reelected

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had a conversation with Elon Musk, moderated by David Sacks, which focused on digital assets. They talked about Bitcoin, the digital dollar, and even made a reference to Dogecoin. DeSantis supports Bitcoin and views any attempts to restrict it as government overreach and a threat to civil liberties. He pledged to vehemently oppose a ban on Bitcoin if proposed by Congress. DeSantis also opposes central bank digital currencies (CBDC), citing concerns of it being a massive transfer of power from individuals to a central authority. He is pursuing a ban against government-backed cryptocurrencies in Florida and stated that a CBDC would require authorization from Congress if he were to become president. DeSantis views a CBDC as possibly being used to curtail purchases deemed politically unfavorable.

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