Deadfellaz NFT Owners Can Now Use Their Avatars in Twitch Streams

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Deadfellaz, an Ethereum NFT project, has announced the launch of animated avatars for its NFT collectors, called "The Horde." These avatars are optimized for platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Google Meet, and Zoom, allowing gamers to use their existing JPEGs as video avatars that match their head and body movements. The feature was developed with Hologram Labs and is part of the "vtuber" trend of animated avatars representing real people on streams. Deadfellaz sees this launch as a way to add value for its existing NFT holders without charging for additional assets or functionality. The project has generated approximately $102 million worth of trading volume and has partnered with United Talent Agency, Wrangler, and DraftKings.

Source: Decrypt

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