Mocaverse and CyberConnect Join Forces to Revolutionize Web3 Membership Experience




Prominent membership NFT collection, Mocaverse, has announced a strategic partnership with CyberConnect, a decentralized social network. The collaboration aims to enhance the Mocaverse Web3 Membership Program by leveraging CyberConnect's scalable cross-chain infrastructure and social network protocol.

Mocaverse, created by Animoca Brands, is a vibrant PFP membership NFT collection that provides a platform for creators and enthusiasts in the Web3 world. CyberConnect is the largest decentralized social network in the Web3 space, offering users control over their digital identity, content, connections, and earning potential.

The partnership will enable Mocaverse NFT holders to tokenize their content using CyberConnect's protocol, gain access to the Link3 platform for content ownership and engagement, and earn Moca XP rewards for their interactions within the community. The collaboration aims to redefine social networking and community-building in the Web3 era, empowering individuals and fostering a decentralized and social digital world.

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