Apple Takes Its 30% Bite From AI Innovation, Costing OpenAI Millions

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Title: Apple Benefits from OpenAI's ChatGPT iPhone App Using Its In-App Purchase System

Meta Description: OpenAI's ChatGPT iPhone app using Apple's in-app purchase system has brought in substantial profits despite complaints about the "Apple Tax."


OpenAI's ChatGPT iPhone app has become a top-ranked app on the App Store, bringing it to the attention of the public and Apple alike. Even though Apple charges a 30% fee on all new subscriptions made through iOS, OpenAI opted for its in-app purchasing system to allow for a more seamless user experience. For every ChatGPT Plus subscription, Apple takes $6 of the $20 paid monthly by iOS users. Despite criticism of the "Apple Tax," OpenAI appears to be sticking with Apple's built-in payment processor. This decision has significantly bolstered Apple's service revenue, which reached a record $20.8 billion in the most recent quarter. The intricate dance between AI pioneers, big tech, and regulators has landed Apple in hot water, but it continues to benefit from the innovative work of others, even while tangled in controversies.

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